WNL WK 13 Champions: Son-buns and the Pips (Keltner, Sillen, Gaston & Lee take home nightly prize!)

We found 22 guys to come out and play on our last night of Wednesday night league. Three teams battled it out for first through 4th place (Carl Spacklers was a no show. Son-Buns and the Pips and Big Swingin Sticks faced off in the finals and Son-buns & the Pips prevailed winning with a 111 over the Swinging Sticks 117. Weapons of Grass Destruction's opponent the Carl Spacklers was a no show and Weapons took home an easy $200.00!.

Winning the regular Wednesday Night Buy-In for a separate cash prize was the conglomerate of 3 teams made up from Shawn Keltner, Dan Gaston, Tom Sillen and Tony Lee!

Cash prizes for this years winners are:

1st: $600 - Son-buns and the Pips

2nd: $300 - Big Swinging Sticks

3rd: $200 - Weapons of Grass Destruction

This years WNL was a lot of fun for a lot of guys! Wednesday Night League paid out a total of $5,186.00 for regular wednesday night payouts+scrip. Additionally the MGA paid out $1100 for our top three teams of the season! 465 individual rounds were played and we supported our golf shop by awarding $1721.00 worth of scrip.

Thanks to all of you that participated!

Shawn Keltner

2019 MGA President


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