WNL Playoffs Begin!

Hello all, this is the final week of regular season WNL play. The MGA Board of Directors has set up a bracket for the last 4 weeks of play. This week (Week 10), the bottom 4 teams will card off to see who get's into the bracketed tournament.

The best 2 teams after this week's league play will be seeded against the worst two teams that made it through the qualifier. The top two teams will also receive a cash prize, awarded at the end of the season, for having the best regular season records!

If you fall out of the bracket early, don't worry, each week we will be playing both the tournament bracket matches simultaneously with weekly whole league play. Keep your teams together for your best bet to win some cash!

For the remaining 4 weeks of formats and bracket, see the image below!

Happy Golfing!

Shawn Keltner, MGA President.

2019 Wed. Night League Bracket

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