Updated: Jun 5, 2021


Congratulations to our week 8 winners, the Inglourious Berdies! Another superb sub-par performance from Steve Cricks, Paul Song, Ty Freeman and Taylor Cole notches the team's second victory in a row and establishes them as the #1 seed heading into the playoffs.



For the next three weeks, teams will split into two pairs and play alongside pairs from the opposing team. For example this week, players A+C from the Sand Sanchos will play with players A+C from You've Been Warned. The same goes for players B+D for both teams.

Continuing from that example, a total team score will be calculated by adding player A+C's net score with player B+D's net score. So if players A+C for You've Been Warned ended up with a net score of 29 and players B+D ended up with a net score of 26, the total team score for You've Been Warned would be 55. The lower of the two team scores will advance to the next round of playoffs.

However, eliminated teams will still have something to play for each week (aside from the fact that it's just awesome to play golf on a Wednesday evening)! As the buy-ins from everyone that are on eliminated teams (during playoff weeks 2 and 3) will go towards a side-pot that only eliminated teams will be eligible to win.

Week 9's format will be a 2-man scramble and play will be on the back 9.


Below is the final regular season WNL leaderboard as well as the playoff bracket.

Check back in next week for new updates!

See you guys Wednesday night!

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