Wednesday Night League - July 10


We will be doing a shamble this coming Wednesday and will be taking the two best balls from each team. There are eight teams in the playoff bracket; the two teams that did not qualify despite their best efforts were "The Bogey Men" and "I Like Big Putts." However, these teams are still in the running to compete over the next three weeks for the weekly buy in; those in the playoff bracket are competing for both the weekly cash buy in as well as for separate prizes to be awarded to the top three teams once the playoff bracket is completed. As teams drop out of the brackets over the next couple of weeks, they are still eligible to play for the cash buy in. So keep coming out until the season concludes on July 24.

Please bear in mind that the formats for the week of July 17 and July 24 will require a minimum of three players per team (this week a team could get by with only two players but this is the last week where that will work). If you are coming out those weeks to play in the brackets or for the cash buy in, please endeavor to get at least three members of your team out to play. July 17 will be Orange Ball. We will take the Orange Ball score on each hole and the next two best net scores on each hole. July 24 we will take the three best net total scores from each team. Each game on these weeks requires a minimum of three players and you potentially increase your odds if you can get more than three players out to play.

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