Two-Man Team Tournament (aka "Forever Tournament") set to begin

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

We are ready to start playing matches. We have a 30-team field; two teams have received blind draws to have a first-round bye. While we encourage you to start playing your matches, you can't do so until you have paid in your $100 per team ($50 per man) entry fee. Please pay online on the website or pay Kurt in the Pro Shop (checks preferred over cash). Once you have paid, you can schedule your first round matches. We will play off of the low index in each group; note that we will play off your index at the start of your first match. Your index cannot go up; so you will play off of your initial match index or lower. Again, please pay up, and before you play your match make a tee time and let the Pro Shop know that you are playing your Forever Tournament match so that the Pro Shop can have your scorecards ready in advance of the match.

For those interested and/or for those that simply like to complain, seeding was done based on the low index in each group. This is the way it has mostly been done in the past, and this is how we are proceeding this year.

We would like to complete first round matches by end of August. Pay up and start playing ASAP. The picture below shows the brackets, so you will know who your opponents are; if you don't know how to contact them, let Kurt know. This has been much delayed but it is time to get rolling.

Good luck to all! (except, of course, to the sandbagging Rosenblatts!)

Sending again as a reminder.

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