Tomorrow's Men's Monthly - Change in Format


We will be postponing the Cross Country format and instead will play a net and gross skins game tomorrow. With more than 40 players signed up, there will be a nice pot. You can still play with the foursome that you signed up with for Cross Country. The only difference is that each of you will be playing out your own ball and trying to pick up some skins.

For those wondering about the change, we were informed by the club late yesterday that we did not have enough players signed up for Cross Country to enable the club to close the course from 8 AM to 2 PM to accommodate this format. There were concerns that it would affect regular member play. We will schedule Cross Country at a time when the tournament can be held later in the day so as not to affect peak golf operations. Your understanding is appreciated.

If anyone has signed up and already paid his buy in via the website and does not want to play the skins game, let the MGA know and we will refund your money.


MGA Board of Directors

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