Team Play Update - Result from Match at Brookside on February 1

Updated: Feb 10, 2020

Thanks to Tommy Sillen for sinking a must-make putt to win his match and to Joe Cochran for sinking a must-make 22 footer on 18 to halve his match, we ended up with a 24-24 tie at Brookside on Februrary 1. In fact, we needed either 5 or 6 points out of our last pairing to draw or to win (Terrazone and Cochran); we got the draw and we will take it as it gives us one very important team point (we have 5 points out of 6 possible thus far). Of course, in these cases it is often the unsung heroes that go above and beyond that can take things to the next level. We refer here, of course, to a certain Ms. Ying Yukhonton of Silver Lake's Nails on Hyperion, who nobly agreed to accommodate an extremely early morning mani pedi appointment for our own Adam Rosenblatt pre-match, giving him a badly needed confidence boost that allowed him to demolish his opponent and, along with partner Tim Winter, also to secure all 6 points from their match.

We pretty much just need to win our two home matches to take Group 18. Lots of work to do and we cannot be complacent, but we are in a good spot. We play Brookside at home on February 8, Santa Anita at home on February 15, and our final match is at Santa Anita on February 22.

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