Presidential Winners!

Updated: May 2, 2019

We had a modest but skillful set of golfers out for this year's President's Cup tournament! Congratulations to MGA Board Member Dan Gaston on his big win!

The President's Cup Results:

1st place: Dan Gaston - 141 [$150 cash + $40 scrip]

2nd place-Randy Wenker - 145 [$90 cash + $40 scrip] 3rd place-Dave Nager - 148 [$40 cash + $40 scrip] 4th place-Drew Cornell- 149 [$40 scrip]

5th place- Joe Portillo-150 6th place- Chris Smith-151 7th place- Tim Jones-152 8th place- Brendon Cowsill-153 9th place- Gene Buchanan-155 10th place- Dave Moylan-156 10th place -Patrick Selway-156 11th place- Vern Tolo-158 11th place- Eli Weiss-158

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