August 17 - Men's Monthly - Cross Country!


This month's Men's Monthly will be the cross country format. If you have participated in Weds Night League, then you will be familiar with the format, if not, then this is a format where the course is "redesigned" for the day and new holes are created. For instance, you may find yourself teeing off from the 17 tee to the 11th green; or from the 10th tee to the 17th green. The Pro Shop will be creative and come up with some interesting holes. The difference from Weds Night League is that 18 new holes will be created instead of just 9 holes.

This tournament used to be a regular event at the club but has not been featured as a Men's Monthly in quite a few years. It requires closing the course to regular play from 8 AM until around noon due to the unique holes that are set up. Since the club is giving the MGA the course for that time frame, we would like to encourage as many members as possible to sign up. We hope that we can get at least 10 foursomes to come out.

You may sign up with your own foursome or if you don't have a foursome, the Pro Shop will pair you up. Call them at 818-790-0155 with your foursome or to indicate interest.

The buy-in will be $20 per player. The format will be four-man scramble. This will be handicapped. We will take the average year-low handicap of the players in the foursome and then take 60% of that to determine the number of strokes to be deducted from each foursome's scramble score. For example, if a group has an average handicap of 15, then 60% of that handicap (in this case nine strokes) will be deducted from the team's scramble score. There will be prize money and scrip for first through third place.

This is a fun format and you and your teammates will have a blast. Form your teams and sign up today. Again, call the Pro Shop at 818-790-0155 to sign up a foursome or to have them pair you up with other players in search of a foursome.

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