59 Players for Wednesday Night League!

Updated: May 2, 2019

There are 59 players assigned to 10 teams for Wednesday Night League. We've been having great turnouts each and every week.

Team Ted Dancin’

Cruz, Johnathan

Mosley, Mitch

Moylan, David

Turk, Kevin

Weiss, Eli

Perugini, Daniel

I Like Big Putts and I Cannot Lie

Bigley, Christopher

Cole, Taylor

Keltner, Shawn

Rosenblatt, Adam

Rosenblatt, Jaimie

Dietzen, Brian (Possibly out injured)

The Big Swinging Sticks

Cochran, Joeseph

Fiori, Thomas

Portillo, Joeseph

Smith, Christopher

Sparreboom, Jeroen

Winter, Timothy

The Bogey Men

Boyd, Malcom

Galper, Michael

McKiernen, Timothy

Waldron, John

Lee, Tony


Smokin’ Aces

Burton, Bobby

Casas, Manuel

Crossland, Barry

Lopez, Roger

Lopez, Zach

Terrazone, Rodney

Son-Buns and the Pips

Cooney, Jason

Mersola, Dylan

Shackelford, Sonny

Smith, Gregg

Song, Paul

Tom Somers?

The Bogie Monsters

Battaglia, David

Gaston, Dan

Louk, Robert

Seuylemezian, Varouj

Sillen, Tom

Concepcion, Robert

The Carl Spacklers

Cross, Fenton

Orlandini, Jerry

Selway, Patrick

Trueblood, Jason

Norton, Paul

Chu, Adam

Old “Cats” gettin strokes.

Buchanan, Gene

Catlin, Dave

Franks, Robert

Ours, Rex

Santwier, Rick

Tinkham, Terry

Weapons of Grass Destruction

Anderson, Sheldon

Colson, J.D

Cowsill, Brendon

Gurley, Bevan

Jones, Tim

Zinatti, Mark

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