2020 SCGA Team Play


The Team Play season will start in January. This year we are in a group with Brookside (Gold Team), Santa Anita and Los Amigos (Downey).

As a reminder, you should have a handicap index below 18.4 to participate. If you don't you can still play but you will have to play down to an 18.4 index. You also must have posted at least 10 rounds in the past 12 months to qualify; if you have not done this, the SCGA computer won't allow you to play. So if you want to play on the team you still have time to get some posted rounds in if you don't have enough in the system.

Each week we will need 16 players and two alternates; this means that not everyone will play every week; believe it or not depending on travel, vacations, work, family commitments, etc., we usually need around 45 players on our roster to be sure we can field a strong team each week. Most players will get to play in a couple of matches each season; though some of the lower handicap guys will play more often than that (hey, we want to win and we did win our division and go to the playoffs for the first time in 10 years last season).

For the uninitiated, the format is individual match play against an opponent (paired up based on index) and then a better ball of partner match pitting you and your partner against the other two players in your foursome; so three matches are going on at the same time and each match is worth two points - so each foursome has six points at stake (eight foursomes go out so the maximum points available is 48). This may sound confusing to the uninitiated but it really isn't that hard; Tim Jones and I will be happy to explain this to anyone new to the team this year.

Our schedule this year is as follows:

January 18 versus Los Amigos at LCFCC

January 25 versus Los Amigos at Los Amigos

February 1 versus Brookside at Brookside

February 8 versus Brookside at LCFCC

February 15 versus Santa Anita at LCFCC

February 22 versus Santa Anita at Santa Anita

The good news is that the farthest we travel this year is to Downey to play Los Amigos. We do not follow the usual alternate home and away schedule since our opponents are munis and have to deal with scheduling of other events at their courses. Nonetheless, this is better than two trips to Bakersfield, which was looking like our only option as two clubs there were interested in playing with us after the group of 12 that we formerly played in imploded and disbanded; the offer to join our current group came at the last minute and is much better for us in terms of travel. Also, the Bakersfield clubs had not yet found a fourth club for their group.

Anyway, those of you who were on the team last year will receive a separate e-mail from me reconfirming your contact information. Those of you that did not play and have interest can contact me at the e-mail following my signature. Note that Tim Jones is our co-Captain and he can also answer any questions you may have. However, I maintain our database and roster for Team Play so if you are new to Team Play please e-mail me your contact information (e-mail and cellphone).


Joe Portillo and Tim Jones


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