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Men's Golf Association

A club within the club focussed on camaraderie and competitive golf.

The MGA holds many tournaments throughout the calendar year, such as Men's Monthly Tournaments (commencing in March), "major" tournaments throughout the year such as the President's Cup, the Directors' Cup, the Club Championship, etc., as well as our signature member-guest tournament, the Canyon Classic, which will be held for the 54th time this year.  It is up to you to choose which tournaments and formats interest you and fit your schedule; however, you can't play in these tournaments without a sanctioned SCGA index. Don't miss out on the fun!

President's Message

2019 Goals and Aspirations


Shawn Keltner, MGA President

Architect, NCARB, AIA

Principal, KeltnerCo Architecture + Design

As we head into the new year and the air moves from the mild winter chill I am reminded of change.  I have high aspirations for the club this year.  As we move through the year we hope to:

  • Diversify our membership

  • Grab a larger chunk of the Golf Members

  • Attract new social and tennis members to the MGA

  • Increase player participation in competitive golf.

  • Introduce new players to competitive golf 

  • Provide friendship and fellowship to our members.

  • Create an open, caring and respectful membership.

  • Retain long-held traditions and popular events.

  • Update the MGA's communication and financial interactions with members.

There is a lot to do this year, but with the help of our dedicated board of directors and member volunteers I believe we can have a banner year in the MGA.

TOP 10 Reasons to Join the MGA

...& one you shouldn't.

  1. Membership in the MGA allows the member to establish and maintain a sanctioned handicap through the Southern California Golf Association (SCGA); in order to have an official USGA handicap index in Southern California you must join the SCGA and you must belong to a golf club or association that monitors handicaps; this in turn allows you to post official scores that calculate and maintain your handicap index. 

  2. Allows you to play in our awesome Tournaments.​

  3. Network with other Golfers, talk business, and shoot the sh&!t.

  4. Get fee entry into select SCGA tournaments. Entry into these tournaments is restricted to qualifying tournament winners at member clubs. The LCFCC MGA pays the entry fee into these tournaments for select LCFCC tournament winners throughout the year. 

  5. Join the Team!  An annual competition pitting LCFCC against other local clubs, with group winners moving on through a playoff structure, culminating in the crowning of a Champion Club in SoCal. 

  6. Meet and play with many more golfers and possibly create a long-term meaningful friendship. 

  7. Membership in the MGA allows a golfer to have more fun! 

  8. Membership in the MGA is inexpensive - $136, which includes your annual SCGA dues of $36.00.

  9. Create life-long friends.

  10. Enjoy a life-long sport with life-long friends.


too much fun may cause smile wrinkles.

Board of Directors

"Of all the hazards, fear is the worst." -Sam Snead

Our team of fearless directors are working hard to make our club great again!  Working with club staff and our club pro, we provide opportunities for great golf tournaments, fellowship and support competitive play throughout the year.



Shawn Keltner

Shawn in an Award winning architect living in Glassell Park, Los Angeles, California.  Originally from Colfax, Wisconsin, a small farming community in the West Central part of the state, Shawn moved to California in seek of fame and fortune.  While still trying to achieve both of these, he enjoys free time spent with his wife and two daughters, all who have come to enjoy the game of golf.

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