As almost everyone certainly knows, the club does have a mask protocol in place that is being monitored and enforced by the LA County Department of Public Health. Club management has asked the MGA to ensure that MGA members are complying with the policy.


Please do wear a mask at all times in common areas of the club. This includes the cart staging area, the patios and the first and tenth tee boxes. Masks can come off once you are on the course as long as you maintain the six-feet social distancing policy on the course. Masks should be put back on when players are making the turn and can be removed once the tenth tee box has been cleared. 


Smoke cigarettes or cigars on the course proper and not in the staging area. There have been reports of members removing masks to smoke in the staging area; smoking in the common areas means that a mask has to come off - so don't smoke in the common areas of the club until notified otherwise. 


The club asks that you follow the masking procedures even if you personally disagree with wearing a mask. Repeated offenses can lead to closure of the golf course, which nobody wants to have happen. LA County health inspectors are monitoring the club and there has already been at least one warning/reminder that the club has received.   The SCGA has worked very hard with the counties that fall under their purview to ensure that those counties view golf as a sport that is "behaving" and following protocols. If golfers are seen to be ignoring these rules then there is the possibility that one or more counties in Southern California may restrict golf again. Again, nobody wants this to happen. Take the protocols seriously and if you are unsure as to what you can and cannot do, ask the Pro Shop. At least one other club in LA County was ordered to close due to members ignoring the masking policy.


The golf course is busier than usual due to pent up demand and the fact that many people are still working from home and head out to the club to relax and play some golf at various times of day. With the volume of golfers coming through, it is difficult for the Pro Shop staff and the bag boys to ensure that everyone is complying. So, to some extent we are going to have to "police ourselves." If you see someone not wearing a mask in a common area please give them a gentle reminder. If someone pushes back, then please let the Pro Shop know. 


Thank you and please be sure to follow the masking and social distancing policies; yes, it's a bit of a pain but it is something that we all have to do for the time being. 



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